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PX Shoes

We create fashionable Footwear

Feminine and sporty . That's what PX stands for. We design every shoe collection with love for materials and with the latest trends in mind. Includes own PX signature. A suitable shoe for every woman!

With a history back till 2001 The Dutch brand PX Shoes was born with the idea of accompanying modern and stylish women, who are seeking to be comfortable in their day to day but without giving up their own style.

You can buy our collection in more than 400 shops in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Austria. Find PX shoes near you in one of these Stores

Interested in selling PX Shoes in your store? Contact us at px@henkelman.nl and maybe see you soon!


Chunky soles

Shoes with chunky soles. The must-have trend of this season.

Leather loafers

Check our loafer collection ans slide into comfort!

Stylish boots

Update your wardrobe with a beautiful pair of boots.


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