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Life is about simple luxuries and enjoying pleasures
like owning adorable footwear.

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who we are?

About Us: 

At PX we strive to create high quality leather shoes that not only looks beautiful but emphasises your true individual style.

Our collection offers a range of beautiful and comfortable shoes to take you from one occasion to the next.

Did you know that you can find PX Shoes in approximately 400 shops across Europe? Our stylish and on-trend footwear is available in a wide network of stores, bringing fashion and quality closer to you.

With our presence in numerous shops, you’re never far away from experiencing the comfort and style that PX Shoes offers. Whether you’re in bustling cities or serene towns, you’re likely to stumble upon our fashionable footwear in a store near you.



PX Shoes offers a diverse selection of footwear that combines style, comfort, and quality. But PX is more than just a single brand—it also encompasses PX Lab, which adds an exciting dimension to their offerings.

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Are you thinking of starting your own online shop or do you already sell things and want to add our brand to your collection? We have stylish shoes available for wholesale. Get in touch with one of our representatives for more details.

We’re here to help you offer trendy and fashionable shoes to your customers. If you’re curious about how we can work together and how it can benefit your business, just reach out to us. Our team is ready to give you all the information you need.

Choose PX Shoes as your b2b partner for great footwear and great business. Contact us today to explore the possibilities of working together!